All The Money in The World

John Paul Getty. One of the richest men to ever walk this planet. I didn’t know much about Getty; I never cared to. Truth be told, I barely knew who he was until a recent film came out: All the Money in the World. Even if the movie wasn’t completely accurate, the film still told a great story. This film follows the Getty family as they deal with the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III.

The movie contains multiple themes and ideas. It shows the power of money and family; it also shows how desperate individuals are for either money or family. Gail Getty, the mother of the boy, shows the desperation of family over money; she, a rather poor person, always choose family. Her desires weren’t in the materialistic things we all want and worship. Even her own life did not matter, all that mattered were the lives of her children. Gail contained what most mothers have.

So many shows, movies, and stories portray strong mothers. They portray their undying, rough love. They portray it so often because it is a type of love not seen every day. I can say I love you, but how far does that love reach? As sad as it sounds, everyone has their limit of love to give. Especially those who surround me, I’m pretty good at determining and scaling how much love they stretch. When it comes to mothers, I can’t.

I probably never will because I will never be a mother. Their love is different. They have a physical attachment and an even bigger emotional attachment. 9 months is a long time. 9 months people can change.

It took nine months for my friend to change. Nine months. From a life filled with bad decisions, situations, and consequences came a life of love, opportunity, and stability. Rebekah Leathers, my friend, reminds me so much of Gail Getty. She has the unexplainable love that I can never comprehend.

Rebekah was never a hateful individual. She just had a different sort of love. A love of individuality. A love that I can understand. She was nice, caring, and kind to others – yes, but she always made sure she was doing good. She followed her own passions, desires, and curiosities like all should. She followed her own weaknesses and disadvantages as well.

To describe Rebekah as I first met her is simple: A survivor. She was nice, but I knew she’d do what she had to do to survive. If Rebekah wanted to try it, she would. She, like me, sought to do as much as she could before her time on this world was up. Holes in bridges excited her; the unknown intrigued her.

She has lived in Pensacola her whole life, but she has experienced so much. Rebekah is proof that Pensacola is more than just a small town. But all of her stories, experiences, and journeys are all topped by one. Now, she would give up her whole individual life for this one journey. Even if this was the only journey she had, Rebekah would be satisfied with life. This one journey took nine months. Nine months for Rebekah to become Gail Getty.

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